Myrtos beach is the islands main star as far as beauty is concerned.

Myrtos is just a beautiful beach with no resort attached, it is situated off the main village road at the end of a track. Herds of goats can be seen climbing precariously up and down the mountain cliffs. High white cliffs (called Kimilia) encase the crescent of white pebbly / coarse sand which leads down to the sea where the vivid turquoise waters will dazzle you. The sand shelves deeply and quickly into the water but once in you could not ask for a more stunning view. There is a strong undercurrent so take care.

It does get very hot in the summer on the beach due to the sun reflecting from the white sand and pebbled and white cliffs. A suntrap which has no real shade. Sun beds and Brollys can be hired. You can laze on a lounger with an umbrella for shade if you wish with a good read, go for a swim, or explore the little cave which sits at the far end of the beach, (on the left as you face the water). This beach offers a relaxing time in a tranquil unique setting, all you have to do is unwind. If you find it too hot in the day to visit Myrtos why not have a picnic in the evening, this is a wonderful setting to watch the sunset.

There are no tourist facilities to speak of and the only toilet I have noted is the one at the small beach bar which is in the center of the beach. Refreshments at this bar are very expensive and it only sells drinks and crisp like snacks. This beach is best viewed from above, either from the main coastal road where cars look like tiny ants and you can see the whole effect of the piercingly blue sea, white cliffs and pale sand all together. I have witnessed people just standing on the roadside in amazement at the view. On the way down to the beach there are many little places you can pull in and snap away collecting some wonderful panoramic photographs.

Voted as one of the worlds ten best beaches, this beach is one of the most pictured in the whole of Greece. To access the beach there is a steep tarmac road which leads down from the village way above, it takes approximately ten minutes to descend. If you are fit you could walk it, however going back up will harder than going down! I have never walked this route so could not guess how long it would take, the winding road is around three or four kilometers long.

At the top of the road leading to the beach there is now some building development taking place with a number of villas being erected, I hope the development of Myrtos stays small as the remoteness of this beach gives it the natural feel. Paradise beach may be a more apt name for this location This location was used for the Film of Captain Corelli, scenes included the mine being blown up and Corelli and his men having a fun time with a group of girls and swimming in the sea.