Saint Andrea's monastery

Saint Andrea's monastery

A must see museum in Kefalonia is the Byzantine church-museum.

Has been founded by Metropolitan Spyridon in 1988. The 2002 housed in its own building that was built for this purpose at Saint Andrea's.  The museum's collection maintained by the 6th century Byzantine antiquities, which formed and the report of the museum. The Byzantine church-museum of Kefalonia includes wood carvings, icons and religious objects, most of which are from churches and monasteries of the island. Most of them destroyed by the earthquake of 1953.

This material, together with the relics of St. Andrews and donations were then added, is the rich content of the museum. The exhibits of the Byzantine church-museum of Kefalonia representing 4 centuries of religious and cultural expression of known and unknown artists of the island.

The museum is open daily from 8 am to 2 pm, except Sundays closed. Telephone 26710 69700